Getting Started

This page is dedicated to those tools and sites that I believe are beneficial to “kick starting” your savings. These are  sign ups that give you access to even more coupons and exclusive offers to maximize your savings! All of these work together for ONE PURPOSE…to save you TIME and MONEY on things you use from online shopping rebates to saving on eating out! Just click on the banners to lead you to these valuable sites!

To begin with, you’ll need Robo Form. This stores all of your passwords and info so that you can press one button and all of your forms are filled out. I can’t tell you HOW much time this little gadget has saved me when filling out forms for free items when they will be gone in less than 5 minutes because of the demand! There is a free application and some that are $9.95 on up! Choose the one that works best for you.

RoboForm: Learn more...

Next, You’ll need an online shopping forum to pay you back a percentage of your purchases whenever you shop online. This is really “getting paid to shop”! E-bates is one of my favorites!!


The Woman Feebies site is just an honest to goodness great thing to have! You can get free items when you sign up!


Ready set eat

Lastly, visit ALL YOU MAGAZINE to get this magazine for just $1.23-$1.66(depending on the current promotional) an issue, as compared to $3.49 plus tax at Walmart!  I really hope these links were beneficial to you! It’s my goal to save you as much money as possible and periodically, I’ll add more sites as I feel they relate to our money-saving mission! For now, the above list are among my “must haves” to saving money!!!

Thanks So Much and God Bless,