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ABOUT the Workshops…

It’s my desire  to teach you how to save money in a realistic way, not the Extreme Couponing way featured on TLC. The people you see on there are the exception, not the rule! However, it IS realistic for you to save anywhere from 50 % to 80% EVERYTIME you go to the grocery store, and/or drug store. I just want you to understand that THIS type of savings is reasonable. What you are seeing on TLC is NOT! You can expect the savings I listed above from the Everyday Couponing 101 & 102 workshops…50% to 65% to begin with, and as your skills improve, your savings will increase. Plus, you will have myself, this website and other couponers  just like you to offer support and answer questions.

In other words, my obligation to you doesn’t end once the workshop is over and I have your money in hand. I have a burden for everyone struggling in this tough economy and I really want to help you!!

Also, if you are interested in booking/hosting a workshop(public or private) contact me at Requirements to hold a workshop are as follows:

A minimum of 10 people per workshop within a 50 mile radius of Thomasville GA. OR a minimum of 25 people if outside that 50 mile radius. If you host/book a workshop(you being the 11th or 26th person in said workshop), then YOUR class fee of $15 will be waived and you will receive a complimentary(FREE) Everyday Coupon Queen re-usable shopping bag!!  Those booking workshops for groups (public or private) will receive a compilation of BOTH 101 and 102, unless a preference is stated. In other words, if you book a private workshop at your home, church or civic organization, you can choose from: A) Everyday Couponing 101*, B) Everyday Couponing 102**, or C)  a compilation of both 101 and 102. The compilation workshop isn’t any longer than the other workshops, it’s just not as in-depth.

I will donate $5 of every $15 paid fee back to any church hosting a workshop. This can be used for their benevolence fund or another ministry the church sponsors that directly helps families in their community. 

*Everyday Couponing 101:
Participants will Learn, in detail, how to cut your grocery bill in half, as well as, save 50% or better on items that you use everyday! You’ll learn about different types of coupons and  how they work together to increase your savings, where to find coupons, how to organize and use them, plus how to use them at local grocery stores to realize savings of  $5,000 or more each year!!! We’ll discuss grocery store policies, rewards cards and how they work to save you money, plus more!!! If you are new to couponing or have been interested in couponing, but unsure of where to start, this workshop is for you!
**Everyday Couponing 102:
This workshop is a continuation of  Everyday Couponing 101 and is an advanced workshop designed for those already familiar with couponing and using them at grocery stores. Those attending this workshop experience an in-depth emphasis on stockpiling,  saving big at drugstores and online! Also included are: saving on baby items, as well as charitable giving!  This workshop is devoted to helping you to easily save thousands of dollars each year on food, household, health & beauty items. You’ll also learn how to donate many of these items to those in need…for FREE!
Again, “Thank You”, and I look forward to meeting everyone soon, either online or in person! Please  feel free to browse the website. I am continually changing, upgrading and updating it to best meet YOUR needs and interests. I welcome your ideas and suggestions  for the website too! I hope this has been helpful to you.
If you have any questions or inquiries, please e-mail me at