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Favado FREE Grocery App - HOT

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Favado FREE Grocery app- HOT!!! Once again, I wanted to remind everyone about this new grocery app!! A new National grocery app is now available for Apple i phones, Apple Touch phones & Android phones – YAAH!! BEST of ALL: This app contains all of the grocery lists & coupon match-ups that you already get right here on ECQ, plus lots of others!! So, whether you shop at Publix, Winn Dixie, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Dollar Tree or at dozens of other stores, all the coupon match-ups you’ll need will now be available at the touch of your fingers AND on the Everyday Coupon Queen website too!! Download the Favado FREE Grocery app HERE!

So, while you are waiting for your child in the pickup line at school, you can create your own shopping list and easily email it to yourself with the coupon match-ups included. Once you’re home, simply open up the e-mail and print those coupons! This is a great time-saver and shopping companion!! My favorite feature….The app allows you to compare prices of specific items at all of the stores in your area to find out who has the BEST price on it before you even head out to the store!!!! Need Reynold’s wrap? Type “Reynold’s wrap” into the top of the app and you’ll see a list of all of the stores in your region with this item on sale. Plus, you’ll see the dates it’ll be on sale!!

Favado FREE Grocery app!

Here are a few features you’ll enjoy:

You can select which stores you shop most frequently and find the sales at your favorite store.

You can also add items to your mobile shopping list.

Email yourself the coupons that you’ll want to print before you shop – How easy!!!

You can even cross things off your list while you’re shopping too!! (How cool is that?!?!!)

By clicking on the “gem clip”, you reveal extra ways to save (coupons & deals) while you’re shopping.

Check out the latest list of FREEBIE items!!

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