Whole Foods Coupon Matchups (Florida Region)

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Plant-Based Protein Powder 50% off
Allegro Coffee Organic Cafe La Duena, 12 oz $7.99
Bread & Bakery
Organic Gluten Free Cookies B1G1
Tres Leches Cake Slice $2.00 B1G1
9" Mixed Berry Cheesecake $20.00
Condiments, Spice & Baking
Marinades and Cooking Sauces $2.00
Cookies, Snacks & Candy
Tuscola County Blue Corn Tortilla Chips $2.50
Snofrisk Spreadable Cheese B1G1
Green Valley Organics Lactose-Free Sour Cream, 6 - 12 oz $2.99
Organic Valley Farms Mexican Shredded Cheese Blend $3.99
BBQ Turkey Meatballs with Peach Sauce, per lb $7.99
Ciliegine Tomato Caprese Salad, per lb $8.99
Meat, Poultry & Fish
21-25 Raw White Shrimp - Farm Raised, per lb $9.99
MSC Certified Coho Salmon Fillet - Wild-Caught, per lb $10.99
Beef Chuck Flat Iron Steak, per lb $8.99
Bell & Evans Air Chilled Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast, per lb $7.99
Black Truffle Rubbed Beef Chuck Flat Iron Steak, per lb $8.99
Personal Care
Andalou Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner, 11.5 oz $6.99
Apples, Honeycrisp, per lb $2.99
Avocados, Hass, ea $1.00
Conventional Cluster Tomatoes, per lb $1.99
Peaches, Yellow, Organic, per lb $4.99