Laundry Deals

Laundry Deals - updated 8-30-16

Laundry Deals – updated 9-27-16 to check out! We all need clean clothes, so it only makes sense to stock up when your favorite brand is on sale and then add to your stockpile when it cycles back on sale. However, if you are like me, then you have about 4 or 5 brands that you can live with…especially if the price is right! check out all of the laundry deals below. Who knows, maybe there is an awesome deal on your very favorite brand, OR try a new brand for just pennies on the dollar!!

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Drug Store Deals $1 & Under

Drug Store Deals $1 & UnderDrug Store Deals $1 & Under bargains to grab now!  I have compiled a great list of deals you can find this week at your local drug stores!  These offers will be good through Saturday, October 1, 2016 at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. So don’t miss out!!! You will notice that ALL of these offers have a  final price of $1.00 or LESS—with several of them being FREE!! Take a look at more than 65 drug store deals $1 & Under that you’ll find at your neighborhood drug stores…
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CVS Ad 9-25 – 10-1

CVS Ad 9-25 - 10-1CVS Ad 9-25 – 10-1!  Great Deals on Colgate Toothpastes, SoftSoap Hand Soap, Charmin Bath Tissue, Suave Hair Care products, plus LOTS MORE in this weeks’ CVS Ad! Here is a preview of just a few deals you can expect to see this week at your local CVS drugstore! This is a nice week to shop at CVS with one freebie. There are a few good Extra Care Bucks offers too! Take a look…

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Diaper Deals & Baby Bargains

Diaper Deals & Baby Wipe BargainsDiaper Deals & Baby Bargains updated 9-20-16!! Pampers, Huggies, Luvs & Store Brand Diaper Deals for you to checkout!! I went ahead and found the diaper deals for each diaper brand and for each store this website covers for you. Also, you’ll find sale offers on baby wipes, diaper rash ointments, baby powder, baby lotions, baby shampoos, formulas, and more listed too!!

Some store deals are ending soon and some start within a few days, so act accordingly! I’ll try to update this list 2 times a week (usually on Thursdays and Tuesdays) due to most stores beginning their new sale cycles around these days. See the current and upcoming “baby” deals below…

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Cyber Monday Coupon Codes

Cyber Monday Coupon CodesCyber Monday Coupon Codes to use with your online shopping!!! YAY! I have tons of codes to share with you — like 40% off on your Old Navy online order, Kohl’s codes for 20% off your shopping order, $35 off your Walmart order,  and lots more!!! So, before you start shopping, click on the category on the left to quickly find a high vlue coupon for the store at which you are shopping!!! Easy-peasy!!! [Read more…]

CVS Black Friday Ad 2015


CVS Black Friday Ad 2015 for you to check out!  FREE GUM toothbrushes, FREE Hershey’s Candy Bars, FREE Excedrin Pain Medications, FREE CVS brand Pantiliners, and lots more FREEBIES! Plus, several popular gift items and personal care products too!! Below is a list of all the deals CVS is offering starting on Thursday, November 26…

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CVS Back to School deals 8-30 – 9-5

CVS Back to School Deals 8-30 - 9-5CVS  Back To School Deals 8-30 – 9-5: Here are some of the deals you can expect to see right now at your local CVS drugstore! This looks to be a nice week for CVS Back To School shoppers. There are several nice Extra Care Bucks offers too!! However, this is a partial list of deals. Head over to the CVS Coupon Matchups page to see the entire list of deals! [Read more…]

CVS Pre-Black Friday Deals

CVS Pre-Black Friday Sale 11-23CVS PRE-Black Friday Deals 11-23 – 11-26 for you to check out! FREE Kraft Mac & Cheese, FREE Hershey’s Candy, FREE Viva Paper Towels, and lots more FREEBIES! Plus, several popular gift items and personal care products too!! Below is a list of the very best deals CVS is offering starting on Sunday, November 23…

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