Sugar Cookies – Easy Gourmet Recipe!

Pink Cookie up close 1Sugar Cookies – Easy Gourmet Recipe When I was young, there were a couple of baked items that I always remember looking forward to in the school cafeteria. One of them was the yummy sugar cookies. They were as close to gourmet as it comes. I KNOW—-who would think lunchroom cookies could be that good?!?!? I promise you, THEY WERE!!! [Read more…]

Caramel Sauce – Buttery Rich Recipe!

Caramel Sauce - Buttery Rich Recipe!

This awesome caramel sauce cooks up in less than 5 minutes!

Caramel Sauce – Buttery Rich Recipe While my family LOVES my Better Than Hersheys Chocolate Syrup Recipe, my homemade buttery rich Caramel Sauce recipe is a close second!

It uses basic ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry, and is great as a cake, pie, or ice cream topping, as a coffee flavoring, and even straight from the jar!!!

Oh my gosh, this stuff is ADDICTIVE!!! Even so, it’s soooooo good that you really MUST try it!!!  Here is the recipe… 
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Monkey Bread Supreme

Monkey Bread Supreme

Everything you love about cinnmon rolls & doughnuts—combined, then baked in a cake pan!

Monkey Bread Supreme RecipeSimilar to, but BETTER than traditional monkey bread  I made the dough in my bread machinebut it can be made by hand from scratch, OR with frozen yeast dough too, meaning, all of the work kneading dough is taken out of it. 

Traditional monkey bread is generally made with canned biscuits, cinnamon and caramel sauce.  While it’s fast and relatively easy, it cannot hold a candle to my Monkey Bread Supreme recipe…and that’s a fact…Jack!!! lol!!

Monkey Bread Supreme

Not much left 3 hours after coming out of the oven!

My family loves cinnamon rolls AND glazed yeast doughnuts, so I decided to come up with something that incorporated the elements we love from BOTH of these delicious goodies!!  

Oh my gosh, I ended up having to make TWO of these Monkey Bread Supreme “cakes”.  Shockingly, my family actually managed to demolish two of them within 36 hours! Keep in mind, each “cake feeds about 10 people. These are large—that’s why I was shocked!  Yes, this recipe is THAT good folks!!  You really MUST try it!!!
Here is the recipe with tips and variations in case you don’t want to make it from scratch… 
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Multi-Grain Honey Bread Recipe

Multi-Grain Honey Bread RecipeMulti-Grain Honey Bread Recipe Similar to, but BETTER than Longhorn’s – bread machine recipe (can be made by hand too)!!! Maybe it’s because I am the mother of three boys, or maybe it’s because I was raised (and still live) in rural America; I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl!! Therefore, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that my favorite restaurant happens to be Longhorn’s Steakhouse!!  In addition to their juicy steaks, I totally look forward to that little loaf of multi-grain bread that has a touch of sweetness. If I am not careful, it’s easy for me to fill up on that divine bread before my entree arrives. [Read more…]

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll

Pumpkin CreaPumpkin Cream Cheese Roll - Make Ahead Recipe!m Cheese Roll – Make Ahead Recipe –  It’s officially fall, which means you are about to get busier in just a few short weeks than you would really like! To make the most of your time before the holiday rush sets in, consider putting together your Thanksgiving Day dessert NOW! My pumpkin cream cheese roll recipe freezes beautifully, presents well on a plate, and is a delicious crowd pleasing recipe!!

 Here are the ingredients you’ll need for my incredibly EASY  “make ahead” Pumpkin Cream Cheese Roll Recipe. Grab You may want to go ahead and make 2 or 3 of these puppies to give as gifts or store in your freezer for an upcoming holiday party or gathering! You will be glad you did…

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Rice Krispies Cookies

 Rice Krispies CookiesRice Krispies Cookies Recipe –  Not long ago, I had several boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies cereal, so I decided to figure out what I could do with them, other than making Rice Krispies Treats, that is! Therefore, cookies seemed to be the logical direction in which to go! They turned out better than I could have EVER imagined….and on the first attempt too!!

I modified a traditonal oatmeal cookie recipe to create a versatile gourmet-like cookie.  Since then, I have changed it up by adding diiferent “mix-in” ingredients like peanut butter & chocolate chips–with yummy results!  Just by adding different “mix-in” ingredients, like dried cranberries & white chocolate chips, or pecans & chocolate chips, you can easily produce your own unique version of this delicious “chewy on the inside and crispy on the outside” cookie!  Here are the ingredients you’ll need for my fabulously EASY & versatile Rice Krispies Cookies Recipe. Grab a cold glass of milk  and eat them while they are still warm from the oven for an extra special experience! You won’t be able to eat just one…

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Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

CCinnamon Rolls Recipe with Cream Cheese Icinginnamon Rolls Recipe with Cream Cheese Icing – These rolls are made using my Restaurant Quality Yeast Roll Recipe!  In fact, I made one pan of Yeast Rolls AND one pan of Cinnamon Rolls from one batch of yeast roll dough!!  Therefore, we had yeast rolls for dinner and cinnamon rolls for in the morning–all fresh from my own oven–and in record time!! Make your own fabulous cinnamon rolls and yeast rolls for just a few pennies in your own bread machine, or with a stand mixer, or even by hand in about 2 – 2 & 1/2 hours in your kitchen whenever you want them!  Here are the ingredients you’ll need for my fabulously EASY Cinnamon Rolls with Cream Cheese Icing (similar to Cinnabon’s Cinnamon Rolls) Recipe. Grab a cold glass of milk or a steaming hot cup of coffee for an extra special experience! You won’t be able to eat just one… [Read more…]

15 Layer Chocolate Cake

15 Layer Chocolate Cake15 Layer Chocolate Cake recipe – YUM!!! Any southern cook worth their weight in butter should have a “definitive” southern cake recipe in his or her file!  By “definitive”,  I mean a recipe that captures the essence of our culture… for most of us, that is a 12 -15 little layer Chocolate Cake with icing that has been cooked on top of the stove! The more layers, the better!!  If you have tried and failed to make this legendary dessert, then you just haven’t found the right recipe with easy to follow instructions. With my “little layered” 15 layer Chocolate Cake recipe, you will get rave reviews from your family and friends every tine you whip up one of  these puppies!!  See how to make this delectable and truly “southern” 15 Layer Chocolate Cake below… [Read more…]

Chocolate Chip Cereal Cookies

Chocolate Chip Cereal CookiesChocolate Chip Cereal Cookies recipe – This is such a wonderful cookie, and the addition of breakfast cereal gives it a crunch that you just don’t get with the traditional chocolate chip cookie. It’s “different” in a very good way!  See the details on this delectable Chocolate Chip Cereal Cookies recipe below… [Read more…]

Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits – UPDATED Recipe

Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits - UPDATED RecipeHardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits – UPDATED instructions – Closest recipe to the real thing that you will find! Make this fabulous Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit clone recipe in about 20 -30 minutes. FYI…As I was making anoither batch of these biscuits for my boys, I realized I’d made a mistake on the cinnamon amount and totally left out the raisin instructions, so I have corrected these issues.  You MUST try this recipe, it is “to die for” y’all!!!

One of my all time favorite things to have for breakfast is a Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit. They are rich and quite awesome with a piping hot cup of coffee!! However, I generally don’t make it out of the house until around lunchtime, what with blogging and all. So, I decided to use my regular Hardees Biscuit Recipe as a basis for coming up with my own Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit clone recipe. It actually turned out great and what I believe is the closest recipe to that of Hardees you can make at home. With that said, here is what you will need for my yummy Hardees Cinnamon Raisin Biscuit clone recipe… [Read more…]