Diaper Deals & Baby Bargains

Diaper Deals & Baby BargainsDiaper Deals & Baby Bargains updated 11-21-16!! Pampers, Huggies, Luvs & Store Brand Diaper Deals for you to checkout!! I went ahead and found the diaper deals for each diaper brand and for each store this website covers for you. Also, you’ll find sale offers on baby wipes, diaper rash ointments, baby powder, baby lotions, baby shampoos, formulas, and more listed too!!

Some store deals are ending soon and some start within a few days, so act accordingly! I’ll try to update this list 2 times a week (usually on Thursdays and Tuesdays) due to most stores beginning their new sale cycles around these days. See the current and upcoming “baby” deals below…

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Pampers Rewards Codes – 25 FREE pts

Pampers Rewards Codes - 25 FREE Pts

Pampers Rewards Codes – 25 FREE Pts to grab – The folks at Pampers have changed their name from Gifts to Grow to Pampers Rewards Points!  Sign into your account and use codes below for 25 FREE points!

Twitgh84de2cx15  – 15 new points (exp 8/29/15)
Fbyhr4z6sp2em15 – 10 new points (still available)


Members of the Pampers Rewards Points Program earn points, which are put towards gift cards, Shutterfly and other things for your baby, etc… Go HERE and login to access these points. [Read more…]