Coupons – End of Month Printables to Grab!

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coupons - end of month printablesCoupons – End of Month Printables to grab–LAST CHANCE!! It’s time to print all of the soon-to-expire end of month coupons….which is TONIGHT at 11:59 pm EST! Remember, some will reappear, while others will simply just disappear!! You can click on any of the images below to access the coupons for each of these coupon sources. There are four major places to get them, so take a look, then grab the printables you want before March 1st arrives. Keep in mind, you are allowed 2 prints per computer.

Printing Tip to Save Ink & Time: You can change you print settings to use less ink. Simply click on your “Control Panel” or “Devices and Printers” button in your home menu, find the printer you are using then right- click the “Print Preferences” tab. A new window will open up. You will then need to make sure to click on the “grayscale” setting AND the “fast” OR “fastdraft” setting and apply them. This will allow you to quickly print out coupons while using about half the ink. Each printer is different, so you may need to try opening 2-3 tabs when you get to the printing preferences window before you see the “grayscale” and “fast” OR “fastdraft” settings that I mentioned. Just look for those words. My old printer used the term “fastdraft”, but my new printer uses the term “fast”, but they BOTH do the same thing!! However, when it comes to the term “grayscale”, every printer I have ever printed from uses that EXACT term, so you shouldn’t have any trouble changing your settings…just look for those words.

Coupons – End of Month Printables!


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