**Savings from “Everyday” Couponers**

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If anyone has pictures of their shopping trips, please  send them to me…I LOVE seeing how my couponing class has positively impacted your lives!!

This was sent to me from Marsha Demoga , of Coolidge, GA., after a recent shopping trip: “$240.51 for $53.04. Tell me taking couponing classes from the Everyday Coupon Queen haven’t paid off. I am lovin it and so is my Wayne”

This is a photo from Malone Tuten, of Cairo, GA., from a 4/12/2011 shopping trip. She says, “$150.00 worth of products for $40.15 today at CVS and Publix! FREE toothpaste and FREE veggies….wowee ♥”


This last photo comes from Vonda Owens just a few days ago. Vonda is from Thomasville, GA. and she bout $380.70 worth of items for only $135.00!! Way to go Vonda!!

I am always thrilled to see how you guys are saving!!!  Thank you for sharing these photos. They are truly examples of how we are ALL Everyday Coupon Queens(and Kings)! ~ 




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